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Spring Woodlands Tennis Videos

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Angelica Montano

Angelica has been working on her fitness and technique. She has set a goal of playing in the State Championships her senior year and playing NCAA D1 tennis on scholarship in college.
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Intro to Ken Olivier

Coach Ken Olivier is the junior academy director and head coach! This a welcome video and an introduction to coach Ken. 

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Greg Goloborodko Serving

Greg is working on jumping into the court on his left foot. This is the correct way to serve for a right hander. A left hander would jump in on the right foot. 

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Nabilah Dunn with Friday

Nabilah working on her ground strokes, movement and racket head speed. She is home schooled and plans on playing college tennis on scholarship. 

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Alexa Gagnon Lesson w/Ken

Alexa Gagnon is 7 years old and wants to become #1 in the world! She is athletic and is learning correct technique and footwork patterns to reach her goals.

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Parris at Spring Creek

 Parris coaching at Spring Creek Forest! 

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Volley Instruction with Ken

Working on volleys to improve performance! 

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Tennis is a Running Sport!

Tennis is a movement sport! Running sprints, working on agility, strength and flexibility are all important components of becoming a competitive tennis player. 

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Red Raiders Class

This is our Red Raiders tennis class for beginner players. We focus on developing racket awareness, balance, hand eye coordination and the basic strokes in tennis. We use modified equipment to help the learning process. It is important to us to provide a positive environment that is both focused on learning and fun! 

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Marjorie Lesson

Marjorie is working on shortening her backswing on her forehand doing shadow swinging. This is a technique we use to help kids learn correctly. Improving  technique  helps hit the ball straighter and increases racket head acceleration.

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Izzie working on forehand with Ken

Izzie is doing a great job getting her racket head lower. She came to us with an excessive backswing that was way too high. 

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Fixing Zuri's hitch in serve

Zuri stops her racket and loses momentum. This is called a hitch in the serve. We are fixing it in this video.