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Angelica Montano

Angelica has been working on her fitness and technique. Her hard work has paid off with a 2nd place finish at Klein 6A Districts. Angelica is a junior at Kline Cain and is the #1 player on the varsity team. She has set a goal of playing in the State Championships her senior year and plans on playing NCAA D1 tennis on full scholarship in college.

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Introduction to Coach Ken Olivier

Coach Ken Olivier is the junior academy director and head coach! This a welcome video and an introduction to coach Ken. 

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Greg Goloborodko

Greg is working on jumping into the court on his left foot. This is the correct way to serve for a right hander. A left hander would jump in on the right foot. 

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Nabilah working with Ken & Friday

Nabilah working on her ground strokes, movement and racket head speed. She is home schooled (junior) and is working towards playing college tennis on scholarship. 

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Alexa Gagnon 7 years old Phenom

Alexa Gagnon is 7 years old and wants to become #1 in the world! She is athletic and is learning correct technique and footwork patterns to reach her goals.

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Parris Coaching at Spring Creek

 Parris coaching at Spring Creek Forest! 

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Ball Machine Practice!

Working on technique and hitting lots of balls to improve performance!