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Red Raiders

Beginner Program


No tennis experience is necessary to be in this class. We work on hand-eye coordination, ball control, racquet awareness, and fun games! We work on gross and fine motor skills while playing games and having fun!

Scheduled Class Times:

Tuesday & Friday 5:00 - 6:00 PM

Monthly Fees:

1 Day/Week $80

2 Days/Week $160

Green Machine

Intermediate Program


You must have some tennis experience to participate in this class. We work on stroke development while competing against other teammates. We practice using correct strategies and techniques while competing and playing fun games. 

Scheduled Class Times:
Tuesday & Friday 6:00 - 7:00 PM

Monthly Fees:
1 Day/ Week $85

2 Days/Week $165

High Performance Program

Advanced Program


You MUST be committed to competition and learning the correct technique, mental toughness skills and focus  to compete successfully in tournaments. 

We teach correct mechanics, strategy, tactics, fitness, and mental toughness. Our coaches help players develop their strengths, identify and improve weaknesses, and focus on individual needs.

Scheduled Class Times:
Monday, Wednesday, & Thursday 4:30 - 6:30 PM

Monthly Fees:
1 Day/ Week $250

2 Days/Week $350

3 Days/Week $450

Elite Program

Collegiate Track


This program is for serious tennis player planning to play college tennis. Each players program is individually designed to maximize results. Players are required to commit to group and private lesson schedules, fitness plan, mental toughness training and an overall commitment to excellence.

To be considered for this program all players (not parents) are required to submit a letter of interest in writing to After letter has been received/reviewed a facility/coach meeting will be arranged for a pre-discussion prior to tryout. 

Ken Oliver runs this program with Friday Otabor. Ken has a proven track record getting kids NCAA Division 1 full scholarships in college. Ken's final national ranking was #1 in the nation and won the national championships in both singles and doubles leading his team to a national title.